Sikalindi verafibradificod'india

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The manufacturing

Between art, nature and tecnology

The Prickly Pear Cactus is a fast growing plant, that can vegetate and reproduce itself very quickly and spontaneously, and for this reason is classified as “infestant”.  Periodically it is necessary to make the pruning and thinning of the plants so to contain the exuberant growing of them. From these activities of pruning and thinning comes the raw material necessary for our production.

The extraction of the fiber.
The Sikalindi fiber is extracted from the cladodes (the branches of the plant), when they are still green, just after the cutting, through a special patented process. That process is completely ecological and doesen’t use any pollutant product. Once extracted, the fiber is dryed up, so acquiring the consistence of wood.

The composition of the fiber over the panel.
Once dryed up, the fiber is ready to be worked by utilizing a tecnique similar to that of the classical veneering, but with many differences and greater complexity.
Every single piece of fiber in this phase is observed, selected and laid over the plan of plywood, looking for the more natural combining of the pieces.
In this way we create a sort of collage of leaves with textures always different.
In this phase of the manufacturing we express the maximum of the ability and of the sensibilty of our craftsmen.

Machine processing.
In this phase we utilize the modern high-tecnology machinery, combing innovation and tradition, so to obtain the perfect shaping of the panels and of the other components, in addition to the calibration of them that make a product otherwise rustic into a refined and elegant one.

Sanding and varnishing.
Once assembled the semi-finished, we return to the meticulous handicraft work. By hand we make the sanding in several steps. After this the fiber is treated with special products and resins for wood, the aim of which is to preserve the material, to increase the mechanical resistance and make it water- resistant. The manufacturing is concluded with the varnishing process made by hand and with paintbrush, in a way that mantains the natural characterstics of the material, but at the same time preserve it over time and guarantees easy cleaning.




NOTE: Sikalindi ® is a registered trademark and a PATENTED product. In this section of the site we describe in general terms some phases of manufacturing with the only aim to illustrate the product. Any attempt to imitate or counterfeit it, could be persecuted according to the law.