Sikalindi verafibradificod'india

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Sikalindi, mediterranean nature that creates surfaces

From the fruit plant that most characterizes the wild, warm terrain of the south Mediterranean  comes Sikalindi®, Prickly Pear Cactus Fiber.

The Sikalindi fiber is achieved through a meticulous process that is mostly manual.  This process has been patented, and involves the extraction of the fiber from the green cladodes of the Prickly Pear Cactus, with respect of the life cycles of the plant and in a ecological way.  This is followed by a process of drying, thus turning the vegetable fiber into resistant woody fiber.

At  the end of drying process, the fiber is treated with special products that guarantee absolute durability and inalterability of the material over time.


The entire process is held in Italy, in the Salento area.

Sikalindi® today covers, as veneer, furniture and complements, creating unpredictable designs that render the surfaces unique and exclusive.

No surface will be identical to another.  The grains of the fiber create unique and incomparable designs and colours, representing the diversity of the way in which each plant grows, depending on its exposure to rain, sun and wind.

Sikalindi, every piece a story in itself.



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