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About us

The project Sikalindi ® starts as initiative of a family of furniture makers in Salento, the Rossetti family,  that operates in the industry since two generations, and this project involves a group of young architects and interior designers.

The idea of utilizing the Prickly Pear Cactus fiber to make some parts of furniture dates back to several years ago, after a request asked by some customers to have some special furniture made with materials that could recall the most possible the Mediterranean and Salento’s landscape.

In that circumstance we made several tests and trials with several materials among which the “Leccese Stone” and Olive wood, but when we started to make the first trials with the Prickly Pear Cactus, we suddenly realized that it was the most interesting and innovative material and we decided to spend all the energies on it, so we developed a technique of extraction and manufacturing and at the end we filed a Patent.

Today Sikalindi is a registered Trademark and is a Patented product. It is also a small Collection of furniture and complements, made and distributed by the company Salento G.D., based in Casarano (Lecce).