Sikalindi verafibradificod'india

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The Sikalindi project is carried out according to a fundamental principle of respect of nature and the environment.
The Prickly Pear Cactus is a plant that grows and reproduce itself very quickly, it doesn’t need any particular care, because it lives with a very little quantity of water and it is tough and resistant.
Rather it can represent a threat for other plant species because of its reproduction velocity.
For this reason it is classified as an infesting plant, and periodically it is necessary to make a pruning to contain its exuberant growing. From this activity of pruning comes the raw material for our production.

The extraction process of the fiber is carried out in a ecological way and without any pollutant product.
To guarantee the complete eco-sustainability of our furniture, as structure panels we utilize only plywood panels certified PEFC (Pan-European Forest Council), it means from controlled reforestation.

During the varnishing process we utilize specific last generation product for wood with low environmental impact, that come from companies certified ISO 14001.

At the moment we are also testing the treatment of the Sikalindi®  fiber with bio-resin of vegetable origin. There are some critical point to overcome before proposing on the market some product with this treatment, and they concern with the durability, the water-resistance and the high temperature resistance of these new bio-resins. When the technology will make available some bio-resins that can be satisfying under those points of view, we will be surely among the first to utilize them.